2001 Civil War News Articles

by Joe Bilby

January 2001,

February-March 2001,New Source for Blanks - and a Bewitching Series of Excuses

April 2001,A New Romano Gun and a Super Gunstock Treatment

May 2001, The Stuff of Legend

June 2001, “Patent” Cartridges

July 2001, Hoeffel’s Horror - and Other Stories

August 2001,More on Bannerman’s & Spring Nationals New Product Report

September 2001,A Pietta Starr Fix & New Carbine Bullet

October 2001, Revolvers & Flintlocks

November 2001, Rebel Ammunition Woes, Research Compendium & First Report on New Spencer

December 2001,

May 2001 Black Powder News, Black Powder Notes - New Romano Guns

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